Seeing Beyond Stigma

Transitioning to a new stage of life with a more limited means of mobility may take some getting used to, luckily there are tools in place to help ease some of your newfound challenges.  Unfortunately, some of these aids — like wheelchairs — still have some lingering stigma surrounding them that may give pause to mobility-limited or disabled individuals. 

Individuals and organizations work everyday to help remove this stigma, because, when the negative commotion is eliminated, it’s much easier to recognize that wheelchairs, hearing aids, walkers, and other assistive devices are simply here to make your life better.

Aesthetic factors are major contributors to wheelchair stigma. When you picture a wheelchair in your mind, you’re probably seeing a wide, silver and black contraption with a flimsy leather seat and clunky wheels.

But chairs are so thoroughly customizable today, from widths to colors to accessories and beyond! Wheelchair designs have been significantly updated and streamlined to allow users to still navigate both comfortably and stylishly. Especially here at Troy Technologies, our FLUX Daily Living and Travel wheelchairs are built with style and nimbleness in mind.

Clients often worry that the use of a wheelchair will cause others to perceive them as frail, weak, or tired. But the opposite is true! A wheelchair brings the opportunity to continue moving around your home, cooking, attending events, and carrying on with everyday life with comfort. Choosing to use a wheelchair may raise concerns about feeling old — but growing into the life you have will always bring more convenience and success than meeting it with resistance. 

Of course, it is important to validate the emotions you’re feeling. The worries, fears, or insecurities you may have about adjusting to a new form of life or mobility should never be ignored or avoided. Only once we allow ourselves to ‘grieve’ can we really find success and peace throughout our transitions or new experiences.

Along with this acceptance comes the range of devices available to help support you as you move into a new phase of life, but the most invaluable piece of support you will receive is your community! 

Life with a wheelchair is just a new version of the life you’ve already been living. Once the practical pieces like navigating around your house are under your belt, you can continue to meet with family and friends, find hobbies, and live in comfort and confidence.

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