Functional and Fun : Accessories to Enhance Your Chair

When looking at the past evolution of mobility aids, we often see how they were more about ease of use than slick design. Now, however, many companies have shifted their focus to creating custom personalizations for wheelchairs, allowing people the chance to truly demonstrate their unique flair and style.

Wheelchair accessories can serve many purposes, from functional to fashionable. Whether you’re looking for something to ease your accessibility or help you stand out from the crowd, there is a wide variety of amazing options for you and your mobility aid. Another great thing about these customized options is they’re tailored for your specific needs. Check out the latest in motorized chairs, travel chairs, and everyday chairs.

Because not everything is one-size-fits-all, this list can help generate ideas for making your wheelchair feel a little more personalized. Here are just a few ideas, along with what they can do for you:

Compression socks

Not only do compression socks boost circulation and reduce pain and swelling in the legs, but they also come in many colors and designs. They offer many benefits and look great doing it!


Regulating your temperature can be difficult in your wheelchair, but adding a fan to your mobility aid is a great way to combat the heat. You can keep cool in those stuffy, crowded spaces, or even the outdoor summertime spaces that are just a little too hot to bear.

ALZO camera mount

If you’re wanting to document your adventures or everyday life, a camera mount is one great way to do it. By adding a simple attachment to your wheelchair, it allows you to focus on navigation rather than filming. Plus, it gives you a chance to make some memories!


Staying hydrated during the warmer months is key, and with a cupholder, you can guarantee you’ve got your drinks on the go. It’s a handy catchall for other necessities as well, such as a wallet, keys, or other important small items. (We’ve also got a lap tray which would go well with a cup holder extension!)


Want to look as great as you feel? Add some “flair”! Using sparkles, paint, stickers, or even custom designed upholstery is a truly unique way to personalize your chair with your own favorite things. It’s also a great way to ensure your chair stands out in a crowd!

Bluetooth speaker

Whether you’re wanting to listen to some music, audiobooks, or a podcast, this Bluetooth speaker is an amazing addition to your wheelchair! It’s a worry-free way to stay occupied and hands-free. Since it’s waterproof, you can keep the good times rolling, even in the rain. 

Lights/fun wheel colors

These accessories serve a dual purpose - they’re a focal point for your self-expression and function as a safety feature. By adding lights to your wheels, it makes you more visible, especially during nighttime. Wheel covers can also be a fun way to display your favorite art, fandom, or a reflective safety feature for nighttime as well.

Joystick handles

Whether it’s for a more comfortable ride or just something to add a little pizzazz, joystick handles can serve multiple functions. They’re a handy way to keep your hands still feeling good after a long day of steering, but they can also be a customization tactic as well!


Holding all of your things shouldn’t come at the cost of your comfort. Many wheelchair bags offer placement which is both convenient and safe! Consider adding a bag to your aid, especially one with an emergency kit or other medical necessities.

When you tailor your chair experience with some fresh accessories, it can make your wheelchair travel more accessible and more fun!