Not all travel wheelchairs are the same.

The lightweight and comfort wheelchair market sees huge variances in price and quality, giving you many options from which to choose. Troy Technologies is committed to providing high quality, portable folding wheelchairs for adults.
Now you can travel with confidence and style!

Executive Travel Wheelchair

Executive Wheelchair

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Pioneering Spirit

Pioneering Spirit Adult Wheelchair

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Economy Folding Wheelchair

Economy Adult Wheelchair

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REVO 360

REVO 360 Wheelchair

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Power Scooters

Power Scooters

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A Great Companion

We have used the folding wheelchair for my son no less than 20 years (as a matter of fact presently we are using the second one). My son, now 37, uses the chair for most of his activities and has travel with us all over the world (we have been in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and America from Canada to Tierra del Fuego). The Pioneering Spirit made possible for him to travel but also made possible for us to do it. We would never have travelled without him. Great companion

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REVO 360 Daily Living Chair

Troy Technologies Inc., introduces the REVO 360 Daily Living Chair; a super comfortable and elegant chair for the home or workplace. The versatile REVO 360 provides all-day comfort and support for those with mild to moderate mobility challenges. The built-in lumbar support and height adjustment/tilt control will keep you cozy while the large wheels and precision bearings provide effortless maneuverability. The REVO 360 acts like a adult wheelchair but doesn’t look like one!    Shop Now


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Random Tandem Master

Troy Technologies – Travel Wheelchairs for adults

Reducer Seat Insert


Random Tandem Connection

Propelling two wheelchairs/strollers is difficult. These Random Tandem Connectors will make the job a breeze. They connect two mobility devices together so you can propel with ease!     Shop Now