Maneuverable Narrow Wheelchair for Daily Living


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For your everyday use

Daily Living Chairs

Most American homes were not built to accommodate wheelchairs, so we designed these chairs to fit your body and your home. Our FLUX Slim-Line and FLUX Dart are narrow indoor transport chairs that are more like comfy office chairs than traditional wheelchairs. These lightweight, narrow wheelchairs are compact enough to maneuver in small rooms and tight spaces. Enjoy a chair that was built for a person, not a patient.

For on the go

Traveling Chairs

Our folding travel wheelchairs are compact, lightweight, and built to keep up with your active lifestyle, without sacrificing comfort! Choose from self-propelled or transport models and customize your folding travel wheelchair with your choice of colors, seat widths, and wheel sizes for a comfortable and functional ride on your own or with a caregiver.

Our number one focus

We offer the best Daily Living wheelchairs - designed to be stylish, slim, nimble, and compact, Travel wheelchairs - built to be rugged, powerful, and portable, power scooters and a complete line of ergonomic wheelchair accessories. See what we have to offer and enjoy life-changing comfort and mobility.

A chair unlike any other

The FLUX Daily Living narrow wheelchairs for indoor transport offer an  ultra-mobile, ergonomic design that lets you move through your day with ease and comfort. The FLUX rugged, folding travel wheelchairs are lightweight and portable to fit your active lifestyle beyond the home or office.

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