Living with Gratitude

November and the holiday season always bring opportunities to reflect on the past months — or year — and consider the progress we’ve made, the challenges we’ve faced, and the things we’re grateful for in our lives.

The main thing we at Troy Technologies are giving thanks for this year is our health! Throughout seemingly endless months of doing our best to stay safe, we’re particularly thankful for our health, as well as the health and safety of our friends, family, and customers. Family is so important here at Troy Technologies, and the support we’ve gotten from spouses, family, and friends has been unparalleled. We’re filled with gratitude for every one of you.

We’re especially thankful for all of our customers, and that we’ve been able to impact more and more lives and individuals over the past year. Our mission has been to touch the lives and help the everyday experiences of 10,000 people, and we are so glad that we’ve been able to make such a difference. It’s been such a gift to provide flexible, lightweight, narrow chairs that help people navigate their homes with the ease that they used to, and to help remove stigma around mobility and wheelchairs.

We at Troy Technologies are also giving thanks this year for all the amazing success stories you’ve shared with us:

“My husband has Parkinson’s. Our hallway and bathroom doors are very narrow. Thank goodness for Troy Technologies! He loves his chair so much, we take it everywhere. It is very good looking and he has gotten compliments on it. We are so grateful.” - Jeanne

“It fits through standard doorways and saved me thousands in remodeling costs to my home, yet it’s big enough to fit my six-foot frame. The seat is much more comfortable than many larger chairs I’ve tried. When I needed a repair they promptly sent parts to me for free, despite being eight months past the guarantee.” - Bobby Joe

“Finally, I can get around my house without assistance. The chair is compact enough to fit in every room. It glides quietly and effortlessly down my halls and it spins on a dime.” - Melanie

“This chair has changed my life. It is extremely comfortable and really helps navigating through narrow spaces and doors. Brilliant!” - Amazon Review

It is such a joy to hear about the impact we’re having on your life; we are so thankful for every phone call, email, and review we receive from you. We feel so affirmed and satisfied to be able to bring you solutions to your problems and help you live your life with more comfort and happiness.

We’re especially thankful for your continued support throughout the pandemic that brought so much uncertainty to many small business owners. It is because of you that we’re able to continue thriving as a business and provide the best possible solutions to mobility needs. Thank you!

We’d love to know what you’re thankful for, too! Drop us a line and let us know where you’re feeling gratitude in your life this year.