How to Choose the Right Wheelchair

Wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes and models that can serve a range of needs, and if you’re just transitioning to a wheelchair, it may seem overwhelming to sort through all your options. A great way to begin this process is by identifying your exact wants and needs, and which features of a wheelchair will best serve you.

Here are five key needs to consider when you’re beginning your wheelchair search.

#1 Functionality

If you can first answer the question of manual vs. electric wheelchair, you’ll immediately be able to narrow your options. There are benefits to both, of course, but each will meet different needs. For example, if you’re only using a chair temporarily, an electric wheelchair may not be necessary. If a wheelchair is a long-term solution, it may be worth investing in an electric model.

#2 Insurance

Another important thing to consider early in your shopping process is your prescription and insurance. Most health insurance providers will cover some portion of a wheelchair! They may, however, only cover a specific model, functionality, or retailer. Look carefully at the instructions from your healthcare provider or the terms of your insurance plan to identify which chairs will or won’t be covered.

#3 Storage and Transportation

Do you need a chair that’s flexible, nimble, and can fold easily for travel? Or will you still be served sufficiently by something a little more rigid or structured? How wide are your doorways? How much space do you have allocated for storage? Does your chair need to fit in a friend’s trunk, or do you have access to more transportation space in a van or assisted transport? Each of these questions will help you narrow down your specific needs from your chair — and if you share these with a retailer, they can make recommendations to send you in the right direction.

#4 Comfort

Comfort is key! Different chairs will have different things to offer when it comes to back or neck support, seat width, cushions, armrests and footrests, and other adjustable details. If you are transitioning to a wheelchair, it is likely with the goal of making your life more comfortable, so make sure to give this proper consideration when choosing your chair.

#5 Aesthetics

Of course, you probably want a chair that’s visually appealing, too! Explore all your options of color, design, and customization when you pick your chair. You can certainly make it your own so that your comfort and function are equally matched in style!

We’re here to help! Browse our flexible, comfortable, and customizable chairs now, and reach out to us with any questions.