Winter Mobility Tips

Winter makes life and mobility difficult for everyone, but those with mobility issues often find it particularly challenging. So much so that people with mobility issues sometimes avoid going out altogether. This isolation makes a cold and dark season feel even lonelier. 

Here at Troy Technologies, we have your back. We’ve gathered our top tips for maintaining your mobility this winter season. Let’s get into it! 

  • Change your wheels 

  • It can be hard to get traction on icy surfaces – especially with smooth, firm tires. Similar to winter tires that cars and trucks install each winter, you can equip your wheelchair with winter tires that are softer and have better grip. These winter tires make it easier to navigate icy and snowy surfaces. 

  • Create a travel bag with extra layers

  • Winter weather has a tendency to change unexpectedly. It’s always a good idea to bring extra layers with you when you leave the house. This is also important for being proactive and preparing for unexpected emergencies when you find yourself outside for longer than expected. A wheelchair bag is a great place to store extra mittens or even a set of hand warmers. 

  • Buy clip-on lights 

  • We’re often surprised by just how quickly it gets dark in the winter. Invest in clip-on lights for your wheelchair so that you never find yourself navigating in the dark and cold without light. You have plenty of options between clip-on bike lights, headlamps, or a good old-fashioned flashlight if you have somewhere you can store it on your chair. 

  • Make yourself extra visible 

  • Speaking of the dark, winter visibility issues make it extra important to ensure others can see you. The easiest way to do this is to add reflective tape to your chair. Make sure you add at least one strip of reflective tape to all four sides of your chair. Other options for adding additional visibility are reflective vests and safety flags. 

  • Be careful with salt and slush 

  • After a big snowfall, salt is often thrown on top of driveways and sidewalks to help melt the snow and ice. The first step in this melt, however, is slush which is very hard for wheelchairs to get through. If possible, avoid the slushiest areas of parking lots and sidewalks to avoid spinning wheels. 

  • Invest in handle extenders 

  • Another great investment for the winter are handle extenders that make it easier to receive a little extra help when the slush and ice are unavoidable. These easy-to-install extensions provide better control, posture, and comfort to enhance the caregiver experience.

    Reclaim Your Mobility This Winter 

    Winter does not have to mean isolation and fear of going out. With a few preparations, like investing in handle extenders, you don’t have to let the winter weather slow you down at all. 

    But we understand if you want to stay inside when it's so cold out! If you are staying in to keep warm, we can still help with mobility. Our collection of narrow wheel chairs are perfect for indoor mobility & maneuverability. 

    What are your favorite winter mobility tips? We would love to know! Head on over to our social profiles to share your top tips for maintaining mobility this winter.