Give the Gift of Dignity

The holidays can be hard for a lot of people. Pressure to find the perfect gift, navigating family dynamics, and juggling social commitments can make this time of year feel more stressful than joyful. 

For people with mobility issues, the holidays present an even larger set of challenges. For example, the simple act of going over to a friend or family member’s house for the holidays can require far-out measures. We have even heard stories about individuals who have to stop at gas stations on their way to a loved one’s house because the restroom in the house wasn’t accessible. 

Things that most of us wouldn’t think twice about (like the accessibility of a bathroom) make the holidays even harder for people with mobility issues. But with the right holiday gift, your loved ones don’t have to stress about coming over, and you don’t have to worry about their comfort when they do! 

Give the gift of dignity this year by buying a Flux Wheelchair for your loved one. When you do, you’re giving them much more than just a chair. 

You’re also giving them: 

  • Inclusivity – Friends and family members who have mobility issues often fear that they won’t be able to be a part of the activities like they used to be. A narrow chair allows them to move into spaces that are otherwise off-limits for them and join in on all the holiday family fun. 
  • Mobility – When you give your loved one a chair, you’re gifting them the ability to move around your house or a loved one’s house freely. No more waiting for someone to be free to just help them move to or from the dinner table, or being limited in what rooms you can move to. 
  • Freedom – Freedom is one of the most important gifts you could ever give. The freedom to maneuver on their own without constant help gives your loved one the power to be self-reliant. A chair allows them to make decisions about where they want to go and when they want to get there. 
  • Dignity – It’s hard being reliant on others for constant mobility support. With a Flux Wheelchair, your loved one will regain their dignity through independence. We can’t imagine a better gift than that! 

By gifting your loved one a chair, you’re creating a more inclusive dynamic for the holidays that allows them to contribute in ways that are meaningful to them. They get to play a more active role in gatherings and regain the dignity that is lost from mobility issues. 

Learn more about our chairs here to choose the one that fits your loved one’s needs.