Resolutions for 2023

2022 was a challenging year for many of us. After the emotional rollercoaster of the pandemic, folks started experiencing compassion fatigue in addition to feeling mentally burnt out. 

But all of that’s in the past. It’s 2023, and here at Troy Tech, we’re geared up to make this year better and build an even more accessible world for the disabled community!

Here are our resolutions for supporting the disabled community in 2023: 

1. Awareness 

We’re determined to continue building awareness around our community's needs. Awareness of other people’s needs could look like continuing to wear masks around immunocompromised loved ones or deciding where to go out based on the accessibility for people in wheelchairs. 

During the past few years, Covid forced many of us to think about how our actions impact those around us. In 2023, we want to carry that awareness forward and expand it beyond Covid. 


2. Innovation 

During the pandemic, we saw many innovative technologies that created a more accessible world for those with disabilities. We shouldn’t stop innovating because the pandemic has slowed down! Instead, we want to see even more innovative initiatives in the coming year, and that’s exactly what we continue to do here at Troy Tech. 


3. Activism 

It’s not enough to feel compassion for the disabled community – you must take action! To truly be an ally, you must engage with and educate yourself on the community and culture. For those who are a part of the community, 2023 is the year to advocate for yourself and push for your own rights! 


Take The First Step Today 

If you’re ready to join us in increasing awareness, innovation, and activism for the disabled community in 2023, here are some resources where you can get started: 

Start by reading a book on disability, such as Demystifying Disability by Emily Ladau. Or subscribe to an online publication like The Disability Visibility Project.  

And, of course, continue to follow along with us as we explore the frontiers of disability awareness, innovation, and activism. Follow us on your favorite social platform today!