Planning an Accessible Wedding

Your wedding day should be a celebration filled with love, joy, and the company of those you hold dear. That's why we're committed to helping you plan an accessible wedding that ensures every guest can fully partake in your special day! 

From the intricacies of selecting an ADA-compliant venue to the unique needs of loved ones with mobility issues, this blog serves as your comprehensive guide to an inclusive & accessible celebration. 


Understanding Accessibility in Weddings 

Ensuring a wedding is accessible goes beyond just complying with laws or guidelines—it's about showing love and respect for all your guests. It's about ensuring that everyone, including folks with mobility issues, can be there with you, sharing your joy and creating beautiful memories together. From arriving at the venue to maneuvering between the ceremony, reception, and restrooms, we want to ensure that all attendees can navigate the event with ease and comfort.


Location Considerations 

Choosing the right venue is one of the most critical decisions in wedding planning. In the interest of accessibility, selecting an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant venue is crucial.

Why does this matter? ADA compliance ensures that the venue is designed and built with accessibility in mind. This means loved ones can move freely and comfortably, enjoying each moment of your special day without worrying about potential mobility obstacles.

Consider these key features in an ADA-compliant venue:

  1. Ramps and Lifts: The venue should provide ramps or lifts that offer easy access to all areas, which is especially important for multi-level venues.

  1. Wide Entrances and Exits: Doors should be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. In fact, the ADA requires doorways to be at least 32 inches wide. So, check all entrance and exit points, including access to outdoor areas, if any.

  1. Accessible Pathways: Pathways should be smooth, flat, and free from barriers that could hinder navigation. This includes access to outdoor areas like gardens or terraces.

  1. Ample Space: Ensure there's plenty of space in all areas, not only for maneuverability but also so your loved ones can mingle comfortably with other wedding guests.

  1. Parking and Drop-off Points: Look for accessible parking spaces near the entrance or a drop-off point offering easy access to the venue.

Remember, an ADA-compliant venue is just the starting point. It's also essential to consider your loved one's unique needs. For instance, if they have a service animal, you'll need to ensure the venue can accommodate this.


Accessible Restrooms

Accessible restrooms are vital for the comfort of guests with mobility issues. Look for spacious stalls that accommodate a wheelchair, including an outward-swinging door for easy access. Grab bars are essential for stability, and wheelchair-accessible sinks should be at a suitable height with adequate clearance. Soap dispensers and hand dryers should also be within reach.


Communication is Key 

When planning an accessible wedding, your most valuable source of information is your loved ones themselves. Open dialogue about specific needs isn't just essential—it's a testament to your care and consideration.

Don't hesitate to ask about preferences and requirements. They may have suggestions from previous experiences or specific preferences that can guide your planning. This conversation allows you to tailor arrangements, ensuring comfort and inclusion throughout the day.


Enhancing Mobility with the Right Equipment 

While thoughtful planning goes a long way, sometimes, adding special equipment can significantly enhance accessibility and comfort. Narrow chairs, for example, are designed to navigate tight spaces with ease, ensuring they don’t miss out on any part of the celebration.

We offer a line of narrow chairs and accessibility-boosting accessories designed to make special events & daily life more accessible. From the ceremony to the reception, our products ensure that your loved ones are comfortable, included, and able to celebrate alongside you.