Our Favorite Wheelchair Accessories

Everything these days is about trends, aesthetics, customization, and individual expression. Psychologically, personalizing our tools and gadgets – or even our sodas – can scratch any of five mental or emotional itches: we can express individuality, convey cultural identities, meet personal functional requirements, create social connections, or help inform our decisions as consumers.

Whether it’s functional, aesthetic, or both, there’s no end to the creative ways you can customize your wheelchair! The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association has some awesome suggestions for making your chair your own, and BraunAbility has some tips for hacking your daily wheelchair use

We at Troy Tech provide a range of accessories and modifications for you to customize your wheelchair, too! Here are some of our favorites:

Wheelchair Push Handle Extensions

These heavy duty wheelchair handle extensions were a 2019 Caregiver Friendly award winner, thanks to caregiver.com! These extenders include two handle tubes and four clamps to help your caregiver — or whomever’s guiding your wheelchair — to assist with ease, without having to bend or stoop too far. This can help caregivers’ posture, and it can be paired with the backrest extension to add height to your chair so you can relax more comfortably.

Hand Rings

Sold by the pair, the Troy Tech hand rings will help you propel yourself, steer, and maintain control over your navigation in your chair. The rings easily attach directly to the rear wheels of your chair, and they measure 20 inches in diameter and add two inches to the width of your chair. 


Our adjustable footplates can be raised or lowered up to four inches to provide the optimal level of support and comfort for your feet. Each plate flips up and to the side to facilitate transferring in and out of the chair, and they mount directly — and easily — onto your REVO chair. These allow for the most comfortable and sustainable weight distribution to keep you comfortable and to prevent injury. 

These are just a few of our favorite functional accessories, but you can find a huge variety of aesthetic accessories too – not to mention all the possible costumes there are for your next theme party or Halloween!

Do you have an accessory or a modification you love? We want to see! Visit our Facebook or Instagram to share photos and tell us about the personalized pieces you can’t live without, and let us know what you’d love to see in your chair!