10 Halloween Costumes That Incorporate Your Wheelchair

As Halloween approaches, you may be feeling pressured to find a creative and fun costume that accommodates your wheelchair. Whether you’re buying or DIY-ing, there are plenty of options at your disposal! Transform the natural structure of your chair with pipe cleaners, cardboard, construction or crepe paper, and other simple tools, and roll up to your Halloween festivities with one of these great costume ideas.

Mario Kart

With some colored construction paper, a felt flag, and a few other finishing touches, you can choose your player and model your wheelchair after a favorite Mario Kart character!

Space Shuttle

Gather some cardboard and construction paper — or papier mache if you’re looking for a more in-depth project! — and pair it with an astronaut’s helmet to get ready for lift-off this Halloween.

Santa Claus

Transform your chair into a red sleigh, and don the apparel of Santa or Mrs. Claus or your favorite North Pole helper this year!

Ice Cream Truck

Halloween is all about sweet treats, so what could be better than an ice cream truck? This can be easily DIY-ed or found at a local Halloween store — and for an extra detail, add some low music or a horn to your truck to complete the experience.

Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine

Upcycle a few old boxes to create the Mystery Machine this year and pair it with some Scooby Snacks and a costume of your favorite member of the gang for a groovy Halloween.

Royal Carriage

Make a grand entrance to any occasion with a royal carriage! If you’re making it on your own, colored tulles and taffetas can add a dreamy quality that’ll turn your chair into a fairytale.


Build this costume easily with some cardboard or construction paper, and rock the night away with some turntables in front of your chair! 

Oscar the Grouch

Go all out as everyone’s favorite lovable curmudgeon this Halloween. This also opens up options for group costumes with friends who can dress as other Sesame Street friends.

Royal Throne

Whether inspired by Disney, Alice in Wonderland, Game of Thrones, or your favorite royals, dress up as your favorite king, queen, prince, or princess this year with a decked out throne to suit!


We all know the iconic shot of Snoopy lying on his red roof! Replicate the infamous doghouse, pop on some ears, and get ready to meet the Great Pumpkin.