New Product Announcement: Strongback Ergonomic Travel Chair

A wheelchair that doesn’t properly fit and contour to your body can lead to many nagging injuries. As we’ve previously discussed, wheelchair users can suffer everything from a torn rotator cuff, to carpal tunnel syndrome and blisters.

Then there’s your back.

Nothing can impact your quality of life quite like a back injury. Everything, from sleeping to resting in your chair, becomes just that much more difficult and painful. Unfortunately, most traditional wheelchairs are not built with the comfort of your back in mind. Lacking in the lumbar support you need, these chairs often force you to slouch forward, squeezing your spinal discs and putting a tremendous amount of unhealthy pressure on your back.  

Let’s change that. Our new Strongback Ergonomic Lightweight Comfort Transport Chair has been built with your comfort in mind. Featuring a curved back and properly angled seat, this chair supports the natural lumbar curve of your spine, allowing you to sit upright and maintain a healthy posture at all times.

The Strongback Ergonomic Lightweight Comfort Transport Chair is: 

  • Compact and able to fold easily
  • Lightweight: 9-22 pounds (depending on wheel size)
  • Easy to fit into the trunk of your car
  • Easy to adjust with Velcro straps that make allow the backrest to meet individual’s needs
  • Available in two frame sizes
  • Available with a choice of wheel options

To learn more about this life-changing chair, click here.