Strongback Lightweight Portable Wheelchair

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  • Comfortable, curved back supports the spine
  • Precise seat angle supports proper posture
  • Easily adjust backrest with Velcro straps

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The Strongback Ergonomic Lightweight Comfort Transport Chair is an ergonomic wheelchair built with lumbar support and comfort in mind.

With a curved back and improved seat angle, the Strongback helps reinforce proper posture to prevent slouching resulting in healthier discs, a stronger back and long-lasting comfort.

The Strongback comes in two frame sizes to support the natural and healthy lumbar curve of the spine.

The Strongback Ergonomic Lightweight Comfort Transport Chair is:

  • Compact and able to fold easily
  • Lightweight: 9-22 pounds (depending on wheel size)
  • Easy to fit into the trunk of your car
  • Easy to adjust with Velcro straps that make allow the backrest to meet individual’s needs
  • Available in two frame sizes
  • Available with a choice of wheel options

Built-in quality & reliability of your travel wheelchair

Troy Technologies is dedicated to the development and construction of the highest quality travel wheelchairs available. We manufacturer in America and we stand behind our craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty. Our goal is to offer a wheelchair that will be there when you need it to serve comfortably and reliably for life.

Optional Extras

  • Seat Belt $69.99
  • Lap Tray $79.99


Strongback FAQ’s

Question: Will my insurance pay for the chair?

Answer: Many insurance companies do reimburse for this product. Contact your insurance provider for confirmation. We will provide you with a purchase receipt that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Question: How long will it take to get my new chair?

Answer: All orders ship within 48 hours via UPS Ground service. The time it will take in transit will vary according to where it is shipped. Overnight shipments are available upon request. International shipments vary depending on the distribution arrangements within each country.

Question: What model of Strongback should I buy?

Answer: The difference between the chairs is the size of the rear wheels: 8 inch (20 cm), 12 inch (30 cm) and 24 inch (60cm) diameter. The small wheels are a little lighter and thinner, allowing the chair to be folded into its most compact size, and are great for indoor use. The medium wheels are a bit heavier resulting in a slightly larger folded size, and are the best for outdoor use where there may be rougher terrain. The 24 inch wheels allow the user to self-propel.

Question: What size seat should I buy?

Answer: The smaller seat measures 16 inch (40 cm) across while the larger measures 18 inch (45 cm) across. Obviously a larger person will need the larger seat. The smaller seat width, however, makes a smaller overall chair, which maneuvers more easily in narrow places such as a restaurant or around furniture in your apartment at home, so you may want to choose the smallest size that still works comfortably for you.

Question: How easy is it to get in and out of the Strongback Wheelchair?

Answer: We have kept ease of entry and exit in mind when designing this chair. The footrests can swing away or be removed. The curved waterfall front of the seat not only prevents leg pinching, but also provides a level area where you can sit before fully entering or exiting the chair. The upright posture encouraged by the Strongback wheelchair places the user in a position of strength where it is much easier to stand up – in normal wheelchairs the poor seated posture forces the user into a slouched position making it more difficult to stand and unfold the body into an erect position.

Question: How do you fold the chair?

Answer: You will first want to fold down the back and then pull up on the center front and back of the seat fabric.

Question: What is the warranty?

Answer: Troy Technologies Inc. offers the best warranties in the industry. A Limited Lifetime Warranty backs all Troy Products. The warranty in the U.S. and Canada covers any manufacturer’s defect that is found within the warranty period. Troy Technologies will repair or replace these parts free of charge. Warranty service may be performed by an authorized service center or at the Troy Technologies factory at our discretion. The warranty applies to the original retail purchaser of the product.  This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by accident or misuse. Warranty applicable in USA only, may vary in other countries. To exercise this limited warranty, the user should first obtain a return authorization number from Troy’s customer service team. The product must be delivered charges pre-paid (UPS recommended) to the factory, together with a copy of the original invoice, the return authorization number and a written description of the problem.

Question: What’s your return Policy?

Answer: We are so confident that you will be happy with your STRONGBACK wheelchair that we offer a full refund if you return the chair within 30 days.

Weight 9 lbs
Weight Capacity 300lbs
Recommended use: Light/Moderate
Durability Ratings 4 Star
Comfort Ratings 4 Star
Armrests Fixed
Footplates Swing Away
Seat Width 16"-18"
Rear Wheel Options: Yes