New Product Announcement: Introducing the Revo 360 Slim-Line

Wheelchairs haven’t always been built to get you where you want to go. While in this space we have primarily discussed how ill-suited most wheelchairs are for travel, it can also often be the case that your home wheelchair may not be making your life easier.

If your home has narrow hallways, tight angles or smaller spaces, then you probably find getting around needlessly complicated. Too often we conflate mobility with ease of movement outside or in public spaces — when the fact is if you find yourself unwilling to move about your home due to limiting equipment, your day-to-day mobility has been greatly limited.

There’s no need for this. To help make navigation around your home a little easier, we’re unveiling our new REVO 360 Slim-Line narrow wheelchair. This chair combines the comfort you expect from our REVO 360 Daily Living Wheelchair with the compact design you need to make getting around tight corners or working in your home office hassle free.

This design features:

  • 5” wide frame, great for navigating limited spaces and tight corners
  • Generous 3” padded seat cushion and cooling back — comfortable enough for all day seating
  • Waterfall contoured design built to reduce stress on your knees and improve leg circulation
  • Extra-large 20″ rear wheels to easily move over carpet or thresholds
  • Appropriate for home or office applications

Learn more about this narrow wheelchair here, and get started enjoying a more comfortable and mobile life.