REVO 360 Slim-Line
REVO 360 Slim-Line
REVO 360 Slim-Line
REVO 360 Slim-Line
REVO 360 Slim-Line

REVO 360 Slim-Line

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Do you have difficulty getting around the house? Do you worry that you or your loved one could fall and be injured?

Maybe someone suggested a wheelchair, but they are bulky, uncomfortable and clinical looking.

The REVO 360 Slim-Line is an ultra-mobile ergonomic Daily Living Chair. At only 21.5” wide, it is designed to be used in your home. It easily fits through limited spaces and around tight corners. It even fits through bathroom doors! Move freely within the confines of a smaller home or workstation without sacrificing comfort.

You’ll move through your day with ease and comfort thanks to REVO 360’s generous 3” padded seat cushion and ventilated back that is designed for active support. Waterfall-contoured design helps reduce stress on your knees and improve leg circulation while the contoured seat dissipates pressure points for greater comfort. Smart, sculptural styling brings a fresh, contemporary look to any home or workplace and the contoured back provides lumbar support.

The extra-large 20″ rear wheels with optional hand rings enable the freedom of mobility, creating opportunities for you to move freely around the home or office. It's sturdy steel base and medical grade 5” front casters provide easy movement over carpet and thresholds. The chair is even equipped with pneumatic height adjustment so it can adapt to any body type.

Want more room? The REVO 360 Standard Daily Living Wheelchair offers all the maneuverability and comfort of the Slim-Line, but at a generous 29” wide gives you some extra space. This version is perfect if you don’t need to worry about navigating tight spaces in your home. You can learn more about the REVO 360 Daily Living Wheelchair here.

The REVO 360 Slim-Line Features:

  • Slim design
  • Adjustable height/recline
  • Easy assembly
  • Lockable casters
  • Large wheels
  • Comfortable recline
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • “Waterfall” seat edge promotes better leg circulation
  • 3” foam seat
  • 22 degree tilt
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment to move the seat up and down to adapt to various body heights
  • Tilt tension to control the rate and ease of recline
  • Upright tilt lock to secure the chair in the full upright position
  • Breathable mesh fabric for exceptional comfort
  • 1 year warranty

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 21 x 21 in

REVO 360 Comparison Chart

REVO 360 Standard

The perfect chair for the home or office.

REVO 360 Slim

A narrower version of the Standard REVO 360.  Perfect for mobile homes and bathroom doors.

Weight Capacity 300 lbs. 300 lbs.
Base Price $499.99 $499.99
Country of Manufacture USA USA
Available Colors Black, Gray, Crimson, Marigold, Pine Black
Overall open width (Door Clearance) 29” 21.5”
Seat Width 20” 18”
Back Height 21” 18”
Max Tilt 27 Degrees 22 Degrees
Seat to floor 18” – 24” 18” – 24”
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Hand Ring Optional Optional
Seatbelt Optional Optional

Q & A:

Question: Does this wheelchair have footrests?
Answer: This product is not currently available with footplates. The occupant is intended to position their feet flat on the floor.

Question: How do you adjust the tilt?
AnswerThe tilting mechanism is spring loaded. Simply lean back and it will tilt with you. You can adjust the force of the spring with a knob. It’ is the same type of adjustment you could expect to see on an office chair. There is also a locking mechanism that will lock the chair into the upright position.

Question: What is the seat height?
Answer: The seat is adjustable, offering height options ranging from 18″ to 24″ from the floor.

Question: How do you apply the brakes?
Answer: To apply the brakes, simply step down on the leading edge of the front caster until the lever “clicks” into the engaged position. To release, step on the back of the lever.

Question: Does this wheelchair fold?
Answer: No. This product is intended for indoor use and around the house or office.

Question: Why aren’t the hand rings standard?
Answer: The hand rings add 2” to the overall width of the chair. Many people purchase the REVO 360 for the express purpose of getting into tight spaces like bathroom doors, and the additional 2 inches is not optimal for them.

Question: How long will it take to get my new chair?
Answer: All orders ship within 48 hours via UPS Ground service. The time it will take in transit will vary according to where it is shipped. Overnight shipments are available upon request. International shipments vary depending on the distribution arrangements within each country.

Question: Will my insurance pay for the chair?
Answer: Many insurance companies do reimburse for this product. Contact your insurance provider for confirmation. We will provide you with a purchase receipt that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


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