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Pioneering Spirit
Pioneering Spirit
Pioneering Spirit
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Pioneering Spirit

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  • Lightweight yet durable at 23 lbs.
  • Unparalleled comfort, designed for all-day use
  • Effortlessly folds into a convenient, small package

Product Information

The Pioneering Spirit is a lightweight folding wheelchair with the perfect combination of quality, comfort, durability, and style!

With American-made quality and the best warranty in the industry, the Pioneering Spirit gives you the freedom to travel without the burden of lugging around a traditional wheelchair.

This convenient, portable wheelchair has many options to choose from including two sizes and dozens of custom fabric options. It offers a non-medical look and folds to the size of a golf bag. Whether traveling around the world or just around the corner, the Pioneering Spirit wheelchair can get you there in comfort and style. Made with pride in the USA.

The Pioneering Spirit is:

  • Able to fold compactly, quickly and easily 
  • Lightweight: weighs just 23 lbs without footplates
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comfortable enough for all-day use
  • Shipped with adjustable swing-away footplates
  • Available in a choice of fabric colors
  • Available with a choice of wheel options
  • A 5-star safety rating recipient
  • Offered with a lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

Pioneering Spirit Rating & Technical Review

Safety Rating 5 Star
Comfort Rating 4 Star
Frame Warranty 5 Star
Durability Rating 5 Star

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I would like to inform you of the great joy we have had in using the Pioneering Spirit. It has accompanied my wife and I on trips throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia during the past two years and has enabled us to do things that we would otherwise not have been able to do. It has been a dream.
– LE.D., Elkhart, IN

Built-in quality & reliability of your travel wheelchair

Troy Technologies is dedicated to the development and construction of the highest quality travel wheelchairs available. We manufacture in America and we stand behind our craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty. Our goal is to offer a wheelchair that will be there when you need it to serve comfortably and reliably for life.

"Well we’ve had the chair over 2 months now and we are very pleased. We traveled to Mexico and found it to be very user friendly. I can’t believe I wrestled with the old cumbersome chair for as long as I did. Even Don’s Rehab Dr. noticed and made a remark. Thanks for helping me make the decision to purchase.”
Stephanie & Don M., Frankfort, IL

"My two sisters and I just returned from a two-week trip to Eastern Europe with my 89 year-old mother. The itinerary included Old Towns of Regensburg, Germany and Prague; and a river cruise that included stops in Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. This trip would not have been possible without “Troy” – our affectionate nickname for the Pioneering Spirit Travel Wheelchair we purchased. The all-terrain wheels proved to be real troopers on various hard surfaces, including gravel (if not thick) and cobblestones, and the chair was highly maneuverable. The only challenge was getting up a higher curb, in which case there were always a couple of eager beavers willing to help lift the front wheels. A couple of times with steps, the guys just carried the chair with Mom in it. Backing down a curb was easy if we tipped the chair back a bit to balance it while turning the chair back around – although Mom yelped a bit from surprise. Another reviewer had mentioned using the chair as a walker, which also worked very well for Mom when she wanted to walk (on a flat, smooth surface, of course). The chair was easy to fold and stow (much to the relief of taxi drivers). When on the cruise, our tour guide would often warn us about rough surfaces or hills – that we might want to hang back and wait for them – we finally had to pull her aside and say, “Viki. Viki. Viki!! It’s a piece of cake!” The disclaimer here is that my mother was only 120 pounds, and I had trained by pushing my 185-pound husband around our hilly neighborhood several times before the trip. Also, with large cobblestone surfaces, the rides for Mom were a bit rough, so the seat belt was a must. But without hesitation, we highly recommend the Troy – and while it wasn’t cheap, it was well worth it in terms of being able to cover much more territory without wearing her out, thus adding exponentially to her (and everyone else’s) enjoyment of the trip. Our only regret after the trip was that we had not collected stamps from the various places to stick on Troy. ”
Cynthia Shaw

"Just dropping you a quick report on our first two weeks with our new Troy Technology Pioneering Spirit stroller. In short, it has been excellent! As you remember, you delivered it to us at LAX. It immediately proved its worth when United Airlines moved our flight to another gate half a mile away in a different terminal. We made it there comfortably with time to spare. (Their flight delays are another story…)
First stop New Orleans and we spent two days prowling all over the French Quarter. We quickly developed tactics for the cobbled and rougher paths that allowed us to travel a couple of miles per day and really get to know and enjoy the place.
In Washington DC we used the Metro a lot, and did much walking around the capitol area including three Smithsonian museums. We even walked suburban paths and streets from Van Ness Metro to Hillwood Museum in the northwest.
In New York we rode the subways and walked midtown streets from 34th to 64th streets, shopped and went through the Neuer, Metropolitan and 9-11 Museums. We covered even more miles on the Big Apple sidewalks.
All this touring was essentially stress-free for us both, and would not have been possible or even contemplated prior to obtaining the Pioneering Spirit. So, it has been a wonderful investment for us.
We are just about to fly from LAX to Australia. After we get home “the chariot” will be used all the time.
Once again, many thanks, and we will be recommending Troy Technologies to others.”
Dave & Rose Hawley., Katoomba, Australia

"We have used the chair for my son no less than 20 years (as a matter of fact presently we are using the second one). My son, now 37, uses the chair for most of his activities and has travel with us all over the world (we have been in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and America from Canada to Tierra del Fuego). The Pioneering Spirit made possible for him to travel but also made possible for us to do it. We would never have travelled without him. Great companion!”
Fernando Notti -Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I LOVE my mother’s new Pioneer Spirit Travel Wheelchair. I have been lugging cheap and heavy “travel chairs” for years. They were always a pain. They could NOT go over bumps in the sidewalks, barely lifting the heavy thing in and out of the car plus they are not even comfortable for my mother. Honestly, this Pioneering Spirit chair has made our lives much easier. I can get it in the car truck without pulling my own back out. Its so light and comfortable. With the 11″ wheels, nothing on the road or sidewalks gets in our way anymore!!! I wish we had bought this years ago!!!” Thanks soo much!”
Katie L. – Eden Prairie, MN

"Just to let you know that the Travel Wheelchair (Pioneering Spirit) was fantastic for our trip and we could not have done without it. We were able to take it into the cabin on all our flights, and the cabin crew was amazed at how small it folds up. Thank you for your help in getting it so quickly.”
Eugene C. – South Africa

"I live in Switzerland and I ordered a Pioneering Spirit Wheel Chair directly from Troy Technologies in the USA (because in Switzerland this product is much more expensive). I got an outstanding customer care by e-mail and the processing of my order was very speedy and customer-focused. I can warmest recommend Troy Technologies! Now I am looking forward using my new Pioneering Spirit. I am sure that it will be a great help for me and my partner on our leisure activities like traveling etc.”
D.H. – Bottmingen – Switzerland

"The Pioneering Spirit is EXACTLY what we needed. Light enough for my wife to load into the car for traveling or quick trips to the mall. The self-propelling wheels are perfect for when I want to move around on my own. The chair is comfortable and easy to fold–everything I was looking for. Best of all though, is the service we received. I wanted to make a couple of small changes and Nate helped me get those changes made quickly and easily! Their service is “above and beyond.”
Jeanne & Gare

"The chair is great to take on a journey but even better was the incredible, friendly super-service. Everything has been done to get my wheelchair on time to where I live in Belgium. I call my wheelchair “the joy of troy.”
Joost De Smet – Belgium

"I sincerely want to thank you for taking the time to respond to my email…I have referred so many potential clients to you that stop me in airports and other venues to ask where we got it [Pioneering Spirit]. It’s a good thing the tag is sewn on the back. From now on, I’ll give people your web site info. Thanks again.”
S.R. – Sacramento, CA

“I would like to inform you of the great joy we have had in using the Pioneering Spirit. It has accompanied my wife and I on trips throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia during the past two years and has enabled us to do things that we would otherwise not have been able to do. It has been a dream.”
L.E.D. – Elkhart, IN

"Since the last time we corresponded, my chair and I have been to England, Scotland, France & Belgium as well as numerous destinations throughout the “good ol’ USA”. I don’t think there has been a single trip where someone hasn’t asked about the chair. I have been stopped in the Colonial Theater in Boston, Queen Mary’s Gardens in London, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., at airports, on cruise ships, shopping malls and Disney World. Hopefully, some of these inquiries have resulted in more freedom for some physically challenged people.”
P.V. – Veazle, ME

"We have had it (Pioneering Spirit) for about 4 years – it has been phenomenal. We bought it so we could travel to Europe with my mom, for whom walking is a challenge. She has now been to Rome, Venice and Paris in the wheelchair. The wonderful memories we now have would have never been possible without it.”
L.O.N. – Jefferson City, MO

"We just returned from Copenhagen and a cruise on the Black Sea. The traveling that we are doing now is only possible because of your chair. The chair is lightweight and we are able to take it wherever we go. Sometimes we even use it as a walker.”
T.Z. – Bethpage, New York

"My 70-year-old wife loves the Pioneering Spirit! We travel the world with it.”
Paul L. – Miami Beach

How long will it take to get my new chair?
All orders ship within 48 hours via UPS Ground service. The time it will take in transit will vary according to where it is shipped. Overnight shipments are available upon request. International shipments vary depending on the distribution arrangements within each country.

Will my insurance pay for the chair?
Many insurance companies do reimburse for travel wheelchairs. Contact your insurance provider for confirmation. We will provide you with a purchase receipt that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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