The Benefits of Lightweight Wheelchairs

The Benefits of Lightweight Wheelchairs

Many wheelchair users prefer the enhanced mobility and freedom that comes with a lightweight wheelchair. But there are also plenty of other reasons to choose a lightweight wheelchair over more traditional chairs models, whether you’re trying to save energy moving a smaller chair, are an active traveler or require a wider range-of-motion for sports and leisure.

Choosing the right chair depends on several factors, the most important being your comfort and quality-of-life. So let’s unpack some ideas about who should be using lightweight wheelchairs and take a look at how to make sure a travel wheelchair meets your specific needs.

Who should use lightweight wheelchairs?

People use wheelchairs for all sorts of reasons — you may benefit from a wheelchair even if you’re not permanently disabled. In fact, lightweight wheelchairs are ideal for people who still have some use of their limbs or people experiencing temporary injuries.

Elderly people who have difficulty walking long distances can benefit tremendously from lightweight wheelchairs. This is also a great solution for grocery shopping, errands for someone who struggles with mobility but wants to maintain their independence.

What materials are best?

The material used to build the frame of the wheelchair has the greatest impact on its weight. Many traditional wheelchairs are made of durable steel which allow them to bear more weight and sustain more damage over time. Depending on your preference, a slightly heavier chair may be what you need. Weight will help a chair with self-propelled wheels keep momentum while traveling.

On the other hand, many chairs are made with aluminum or titanium which weigh less than steal and make it easy to navigate tight corners or office settings. For someone with mild to moderate mobility problems, a chair that weighs as much as 50 pounds is probably manageable for your daily use.

Typically, lightweight wheelchairs designed with space-saving folding abilities and can be kept in a compact compartment in a vehicle, reducing the risk of damage they may receive while being moved or stored. Mobile chairs like these are a wonderful option for anyone who prefers less hassle and doesn’t mind sparing a little comfort for increased mobility. 

Choose wheels that fit your needs

Depending on your specific transportation needs, the size of your rear wheels can range from small to large. Larger wheels are best suited for users who want to propel themselves, as the large size makes turning and navigating interior doorways or crowded sidewalks easier. Smaller rear-wheels are best suited for chairs which are more often propelled by a caregiver.

Always put comfort first

Each wheelchair user requires a unique chair for ideal comfort. Spending hours a day in a single device can be exhausting and painful, so be sure to customize your device in any way possible to make it more comfortable. From the chair’s cushions, to the padding in the leg rests and the length of the armrests, make your chair your own and don’t overlook your needs.

Lightweight wheelchair recommendation

Deciding on the best wheelchair to fulfill your individual needs is an important choice. For daily use, the Revo 360 is an ideal chair that balances a durable, lightweight frame with the creature comforts of a daily use wheelchair. 

Designed specifically for mobility and daily comfort, the Revo 360 offers a generous three-inch padded seat, a ventilated back and waterfall contoured design to reduce stress on your knees and improve leg circulation. The slim width allows for easy movement in your home or office, while the extra-large wheels make it easy to propel anywhere.  

If you’re considering an upgrade or if you’re transitioning into a wheelchair, the Revo 360 is a subtle and ergonomic choice that provides comfort and style to any user.

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