Showing Up for the Differently-abled in an Ableist World

Have you ever been rolling through the crosswalk, racing against that flashing hand, only to be blasted by the horn of an impatient driver?

Or maybe you’ve spent hours researching the accessibility of a restaurant - made phone calls and scoured the internet to make sure it was accessible, only to arrive and discover several minor issues that make your life harder. Maybe someone parked so close to the handicapped space that you are practically trapped, or the ramp leading to the building is so steep it’s impossible to climb in your self-propelled chair. Once inside you might risk even more obstacles, such as the tables being too close together or the “handicapped” bathroom stall having a door so narrow that you can’t even get in and it’s spring-loaded, so even if you could fit through you’d need someone to hold the door for you. 

While each item is a minor inconvenience, they certainly add up fast and decrease your enjoyment of what is supposed to be a fun evening. This is an all too common experience for many people with limited mobility.

As a community, we need to do better and that starts with creating better visibility for those affected. Even by finding ways to improve these seemingly small pieces, we can provide a better, more enjoyable experience for everyone. 

We have heard you say that at times you feel invisible. We are here to say that we see you. Though we can’t change society overnight, at Troy Technologies we are trying to empower the differently-abled with innovative products that can function in the world as it is. 

You are worthy of ease and comfort in your daily life.


Our Daily Living Wheelchairs are designed for just that - ease and comfort. We boast some of the narrowest wheelchairs on the market (as slim as 21.5”) to make sure you can make it through small doorways and navigate busy halls. Our FLUX Dart is a marvel when it comes to allowing improved accessibility in comparison to an average wheelchair. Its design is extremely unique, more like a comfortable office chair, and its utility is equally diverse. Its total width is only 21.5” which means you can easily get through closet doors and other tight spaces. The Dart’s maneuverability is also exceptional, you only need a 35” diameter to turn (the ADA requires 60 inches for the average chair). Besides being one of the most maneuverable and smallest wheelchairs, it’s also made from a high-quality fabric that keeps you cool and is extremely comfortable. And possibly one of our favorite qualities of the FLUX Dart for day-to-day living is that it is a wheelchair with flip-up armrests! This means the comfort and support of armrests when you need them, and the ability to just roll up to your desk to get some work done without having to remove the arms, switch chairs, or lean forward dangerously! But if you don’t need the flip-up armrests, our FLUX Slimline is a similar design to the Dart, and is even more affordable! We have designed our daily living wheelchairs for optimal safety and quality to create one of the best and most affordable wheelchairs on the market. Daily life is just easier with one of our products.

You are worthy of adventure and new experiences.

We have heard those new to living in a wheelchair express grief that their dreams of travel are lost. And though traveling as you once did may no longer be possible, some options can make travel more accessible. 

We want you to see the world! So our Travel Wheelchairs are designed with both you and your travel companion in mind. We have created lightweight travel wheelchairs that fold small enough not to be a burden and are narrow enough to navigate more of the world. If you are looking for a small chair for travel, our Economy Standard Lightweight Travel Wheelchair is the lightest adult wheelchair at only 18lbs. This makes it an incredible option for unencumbered travel. But if you are looking for something you can sit in comfortably for a full day of adventure, you’ll love the Strongback Premium Lightweight Portable Wheelchair Deluxe Travel Package. This wheelchair is designed to support your spine, provide lasting comfort while you adventure, AND effortlessly fold for easy transport. The backrest adjusts for optimal comfort and you can choose from many options like rear wheel size and whether it’s self-propelled to customize it to your needs. We also like that the cushions are leather, which makes it easier to clean and sanitize after a day out and about.

But our favorite for travel? Our FLUX KZI Electric Wheelchair is a total game changer. It shares the ability to navigate narrow spaces as it’s only 22.5” wide, and it folds so tiny it could fit in a suitcase (L28” x W22.5” x H17”). A day of touring and sightseeing would be so much easier for both you and your companions in this compact travel wheelchair. We are proud to say that it is one of the most affordable portable electric wheelchairs available!

So let’s imagine that same night out to a new restaurant. In the FLUX KZI, the story could be completely different. The motor on the KZI would be able to easily take you up that ramp. Getting between the tables and other guests would be a breeze in a smaller wheelchair. The bathroom stall door would be no problem to squeeze into or for you to hold open while going through. 

You are worthy of kindness and visibility.

We see a lot of resilience in the differently-abled community. The challenges you face are ever-present and you are painfully underrepresented. But here’s your reminder that we’ve got your back. You are worthy of compassion and kindness, not because you have different needs, but because you are human. As always, at Troy Technologies our goal is to uplift those with limited mobility. We see you and will continue to innovate with you and your needs in mind.