New Product Innovations - Inspired by YOU!

You spoke! So we listened. 

Troy Technologies prides itself on innovating wheelchairs designed for you. Our goal is to always listen to and prioritize your concerns. We want to provide what you actually need, not what we think you need. That is why we value all the feedback we receive. Your positive feedback lets us know the things we should continue. But when you voice your concerns, it allows us the opportunity to make upgrades that cater to your specific needs! We want those with limited mobility to feel capable. We want our wheelchairs to enable you to do things the average wheelchair does not allow. And we want our wheelchairs to continue to evolve as we learn more about the community we serve. As more of your needs come to our attention, it is our promise to continue to innovate to meet them.

So what’s the new product??

Introducing… the new FLUX 360 Plus Daily Living Wheelchair! Our original innovation, the FLUX 360 Daily Living Wheelchair, already stood apart in the world of wheelchairs. It was already known for being well-made, safety-oriented, and one of the best wheelchairs for small spaces. But, for some it was lacking in areas that prevented them from optimal living. So, by combining our desire for constant growth/innovation with your feedback, we have made some exciting (and cost-efficient!!) upgrades we think you are really going to like.



Here are the new features you will find with our FLUX 360 Plus:


  1. Easy Reach Brakes- No more reaching and straining to engage the brakes! These new brakes are located higher on the frame, making them easier to reach by both the user and caregiver.

  1. Double Front Wheel Casters- Carpet doesn’t stand a chance against this upgrade! The new front casters are double wheel medical-grade casters. Double wheel casters will roll and swivel easily to improve mobility on almost all surfaces.  

  1. Quick Release Rear Wheel Axles- Now you’ll be able to easily take your chair anywhere! This quick release feature will make transport a breeze.

  1. Improved Foot Plates- Zip through narrow doorways with ease AND have the comfort of foot plates! Heavy-duty foot plates that easily flip up and swing out of the way to improve comfort and functionality.

  1. Superior Weight Distribution- Move better on any terrain! This improvement of weight distributions creates better rear-wheel traction on any surface.

  1. Anti-tip Bars-  We have always taken safety seriously, but this puts your/your loved one’s safety on the next level!

At this year’s Chicago Abilities Expo we got to see the FLUX 360 Plus in action! We had heard from one of the attendees that the carpet at the expo was particularly challenging to navigate in a wheelchair. It was thick, padded, and acted like a sand trap for the average wheelchair. When taken for a test drive, the new double front wheel casters on the FLUX 360 Plus handled that carpet with ease! Check out the video here.

We are so excited for you to experience how these new features improve daily-life. The new FLUX 360 Plus will be the most user-friendly, mobility-enhancing, and versatile wheelchair you have ever used. We know this because it was designed by the feedback and requests from actual wheelchair users like you!

As a company, we value what you have to say. We want you to know that your concerns are heard and that providing solutions to your problems in an affordable way is our top priority.

So… How else can we be of service?