Introducing the FLUX KZI Power Chair for Home and Travel

An estimated 25.5 million Americans have disabilities that make traveling outside the home difficult, and older individuals are more likely to need assistive devices from canes to walkers and wheelchairs. Of course, there are a wide variety of reasons that mobility can become a challenge, and an estimated 2 million Americans become wheelchair users every year. Although becoming a wheelchair user later in life is clearly not uncommon, it is stressful and isolating for many. The emotional impact of this change takes its own toll on mental health, and decreased social engagement due to limited mobility compounds it. 

The Challenge of Limited Mobility

If you are in this group of individuals in need of mobility assistance for the first time, you have probably already considered some of the logistical challenges that stand in your way. Getting around your home is the first obstacle: your doors and hallways are likely too narrow to navigate safely and comfortably in a standard wheelchair. 

The vast majority of transportation vehicles were not designed for these situations, and the resulting invisibility of wheelchair users has prolonged the issue. This is incredibly frustrating! 

There are chairs for traveling outside the home, power wheelchairs for those who can’t self-propel, and there are now even daily living chairs designed for getting through tight spaces in your home. But there is little crossover between these different varieties, and just one wheelchair will cost a significant amount of money. The chair you choose will have a significant impact on your quality of life. 

A New Solution: The Multi-Use Power Chair 

We created the FLUX chairs because we care about the “invisible” mobility issues that Americans with disabilities face. While we know there will never be a one-size-fits-all wheelchair, we are excited to introduce a new solution for today’s active wheelchair user: the FLUX KZI. 

The KZI has the same basic concept of our compact daily living chairs, with the addition of a 24V brushless motor, lithium ion battery and ultra-lightweight and strong magnesium alloy frame. What makes this chair different from other power chairs is not only the sleek and narrow 22.5” wide profile, but also the hidden cable design, which extends the life of the KZI for years of use rather than months. Its strong polyurethane wheels clear obstacles up to 1.5”, so it handles rough terrain just as well as the floors of your home. Finally, to ensure your comfort and wellbeing with the daily home use of the KZI, the adjustable back rest is ergonomically designed to support you all day long. 

We are still working on innovations to create chairs that fit the changing needs of individuals with limited mobility. The KZI is a major step forward for the large community of people who need a motorized chair to get around their home, and those who want to travel farther outside of it as well. Think this might be the chair for you or someone you love? See more details about the KZI and order yours today!