Get Out and About: Wheelchair Friendly Activities

If you’ve been feeling a touch of cabin fever lately, you’re not alone. Now that coronavirus vaccines are being distributed to adults all over the US and the weather is starting to heat up, it’s time to start making summer plans! Feeling the sun on your face and socializing with friends and family in person will be a great relief, and we will see more businesses opening up than last summer—particularly restaurants and recreational spaces. It’s likely that masks and other safety precautions will still be part of the experience, but still, it’s exciting to have something to look forward to!

We’ve gathered a list of some wheelchair-friendly activities and some suggestions on how to make the most of each trip out of your home.

Stay in Town, Enjoy the Outdoors

There are probably a few places in your town where you can enjoy the outdoors from your chair. You just have to find them! Do a search to see what restaurants in your town have outdoor seating. Alternatively, invite some friends over for a cookout in the backyard. And plenty of parks have paved trails—see if you can find one nearby and get some exercise or grab your camera and try to capture some wildlife. 

Find your local events calendar and see what’s happening in your town this summer! Block parties, music festivals, and fairs are a great way to squeeze a whole lot of summer into one day. Find out when your local farmer’s market will be up and running for an afternoon with a little bit of everything: sun, snacks and social time! Just don’t forget your sunblock.

Tour a Local Attraction 

If you’ve got a travel-friendly chair, you may be able to find museums, shopping malls, various kinds of tours and other attractions that are accessible to you. For example, in many cities there are all kinds of art, science and history museums, a planetarium, botanical gardens and architectural tours by boat, bus and “walking tours.” Be sure to check out the website or give them a call first!

Explore a Nearby City

If you’re looking for a little more adventure, pull up Google Maps and see where you can get to by car, bus or train. Get a taste of the local culture by finding a few different places to visit (and a restaurant or two to try!) Download a mobile app like iAccess Life or WheelMate to find businesses, restrooms and parking spots that are wheelchair accessible.

Meet your new travel buddy, the FLUX KZI

Having a travel wheelchair that’s compact, lightweight and can handle some bumps in the road will make your summer excursions much more enjoyable. The new FLUX KZI is small enough to use comfortably in your home, has a long-lasting battery, and folds for easy transport in your car or even on an airplane. Leave your home with confidence and navigate the world safely and easily. 

FLUX KZI Features

  • Folds for compact transport in the car or in an airplane
  • Armrests flip up to sit comfortably at a table
  • 6.5 mile battery range
  • Only 22.5 inches wide
  • Lightweight: Only 37.5 lbs
Check out more details about the FLUX KZI and order yours here. Happy trails!