Flux at the L.A. Abilities Expo

This year, the annual L.A. Abilities Expo returns as the leading forum where people from all walks of life who’ve been affected by accessibility limitations can come together to discover new accessibility tools, explore hobbies, and to coexist in a fully understanding community. 

The conference welcomes veterans, seniors, and all with disabilities, along with their families and loved ones, to help find innovative solutions for accessibility issues, discover fresh ways to keep active in hobbies and social gatherings, and introduce new technological advances to help increase accessibility and comfort for all.

The Expo is particularly impactful to the differently-abled community for its all-encompassing energy and resources. Workshops and events this year include an adaptive climbing wall, explorations in music therapy, sign language services, information about service dogs, accessible home design, and more. They also provide free wheelchair repairs and loaner scooters for the duration of the conference.

We’re incredibly excited for all the new technologies and collaboration to discover during this expo, but we’re especially looking forward to having our own booth there!

Flux will be hosting a booth at the expo to introduce the wider community to our flexible, customizable Flux wheelchairs for travel and daily living, and to promote comfortable adjustments for wheelchair users!

The L.A. Abilities Expo is a great opportunity for cohorts of differently-abled individuals to come together with shared experiences, but it provides great value to the general public, too. These workshops, booths, and tools help individuals who aren’t affected by mobility complications more fully understand what “disability” really is, how people are affected, and how no two disabilities are ever quite the same.

This awareness is key to break stigmas and social barriers, to help form better citizens on the whole, and to help foster a community that’s focused on increasing accessibility for differently-abled individuals.

We at Flux are greatly looking forward to learning more at the Expo, meeting new partners and colleagues, and seeing the latest developments in accessibility technology!

If you find yourself at the L.A. Abilities Expo this March, we hope to see you stop by the Flux booth!