An Accessible Fall Getaway

As the season changes, are you struggling to plan a fall vacation due to your limited mobility?

We get it. Traveling in a wheelchair creates so many more problems than the average traveler can fathom. Even when you try to plan- to make sure places are accessible, there is no guarantee that you won’t stumble into some unforeseen roadblocks along the way that ruins everything. The internet is helpful to an extent, but it’s impossible to know for sure if you will be able to do the fun things your family has planned until you arrive at your destination.

But don’t worry! We did quite a bit of research to provide you with an idea for an accessible summer vacation where you can have a ton of fun while making great memories.

Drum roll, please…….. Portland, Oregon!

A Portland fall is unmatched. The weather is pretty moderate throughout the fall season. It’s truly the perfect vacation weather, especially if you are worried about your arthritis or autoimmune pains flaring up in extreme temperatures. Portland is known for its beauty, rich and unique culture, as well as for boasting some of the best food in the country and over 250 incredible parks to explore. Another great thing is that the city was designed with accessibility in mind and public transportation offers features for those using a wheelchair. Here’s a great resource so you know exactly what to expect! 

Now that you know how to get around, let’s enjoy the splendors of nature with these accessible outdoor activities:

Tryon Creek State Park- The Ruth Pennington Trillium Trail is a fully paved, blissfully flat, ADA-compliant, .37-mile trail that allows you to get out into the beautiful Portland nature without struggle. The trailhead is near the Nature Center, with accessible parking spaces and restrooms.

The Grotto- The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother’s gardens and shrines. Even if you aren’t Catholic… hear us out! The Grotto boasts 62 acres of (accessible) botanical gardens. It’s beautiful and serene, as well as paved and mostly flat.

Hoyt Arboretum- This free arboretum has 3 accessible trails! It is beautiful and has more than 2,000 species of native plants to enjoy. These trails may not be perfectly flat but are still manageable in a self-propelled wheelchair.

There are many more wonderful indoor and outdoor activities in Portland. We didn’t even open the enormous and exciting topic of food (but here is a fun place to start). The city of Portland has done an incredible job of keeping the differently-abled community on the priority list and the culture there celebrates uniqueness. But just because we are stoked about a vacation in Portland does not mean it’s your only option. At Troy Tech our passion is empowering those with limited mobility to not feel so limited. Our compact travel wheelchairs make new places less intimidating by being some of the most lightweight and narrow wheelchairs on the market. And if you want to be more adventurous, the FLUX KZI Electric Wheelchair makes most terrains better accessible while still being one of the most affordable electric wheelchairs available. Even if you choose to visit a city that has fewer thoughtful accommodations for wheelchair users, our products are designed to fit in small spaces so you can navigate easily through more places.

Regardless of where you take your holiday, we’ve got your safety and comfort at the top of our list. Have fun!