Wheelchair Push Handle Extensions


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Easy to use Wheelchair Push Handle Extensions mean no more stooping!

If you (or your caregiver) are taller, then you will understand how uncomfortable it can be to stoop over to push a travel wheelchair.  You could be inviting back strain, neck strain and poor posture by bending over. Troy Technologies’ new Wheelchair Push Handle Extensions solve this problem! These steel extenders provide better control, posture, and comfort to enhance the caregiver experience.

Custom modifications are available for the push handle extenders. Contact us for more details.

For added stability, you can order a second set of clamps – and really test the limits of your handle extenders.


Your wheelchair handle extenders are wonderful!  I am short and my husband is tall.  It was hurting his back to lean over to push my wheelchair.  But now the handle extenders allow him to push in comfort. They were easy to attach and stay put.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

Maxine L. – British Columbia

Product Description

Wheelchair Push Handle Extensions
  • Attach quickly and easily to all major brands of travel wheelchairs and strollers
  • Made from steel for durability
  • No tools required
  • A quick release cam handle (like under a bicycle seat) allows for easy adjustment
  • Quickly loosen the connection and slide the wheelchair push handle extender down for a compact fold
  • Improves steering and control for wheelchairs or strollers for people of all sizes
  • Can be used as both wheelchair push handle extenders OR stroller push handle extenders
  • Adds up to 8” of height
  • Effective up to 300 lbs
  • Made with pride in the USA


Note that this product is referred to both as Push Handle Extensions and Push Handle Extenders. It is the same great device!


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