Travel Wheelchairs that are Comfortable, Stylish and Durable.

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Choosing the Right Lightweight Wheelchairs

When selecting your lightweight travel wheelchair, review the following issues carefully before making your purchase:

  • Make sure the chair is comfortable and that you can sit in it comfortably for extended periods of time.
  • A portable wheelchair should be lightweight so you don’t need to depend on multiple people to lift it.
  • Make sure it folds up quickly into a very compact size so it can easily be transported on buses, airplanes, or in the trunk of a car.
  • Adjustable, swing-away footplates that position your feet together and allow adults to stand up and sit down easily are a critical feature. Footplates placed close together are especially important for ladies who may choose to wear skirt or a dress while traveling.
  • Your travel wheelchair should be stable on uneven terrain. You do not want to sacrifice mobility when you are on vacation.
  • It should have a safety lap belt for traveling up and down ramps or hills. Check to see that your travel wheelchair meets ANSI/RESNA safety standards.

Compare Wheelchair

Troy Technologies’ high quality portable wheelchairs for travel are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty. Extensive use may sometimes require purchase of replacement parts. You can buy our folding wheelchairs with confidence and rest assured that replacements parts will always be readily available.

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