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Testimonials from Our Clients

The Sidewinder

“Installation of the coupling on the wheelchair was a dream! It took at most two minutes. The Sidewinder works beautifully. I’m very satisfied and am looking forward to using it the next time we go out.”

W. Lakin – Johnston, VT
Economy Standard Travel Wheelchair

I just wanted to say thank you again & let you know that our son LOVES his wheelchair with the Angels baseball fabric. We also appreciate the travel bag – everyone at your office took good care of us and did an excellent job!

G.F. – Newport Beach, CA



Wheelchair Push Handle Extender

I am so grateful for this product (the Wheelchair Push Handle Extender). It has made pushing my mother’s wheelchair so much easier for me and my husband! We tried making our own extension but it looked embarrassing and never worked very well. It was so easy to attach and use. Thanks again!

L.W.  – Fredericksburg, VA

I wish I thought of this sooner. I have been stooping over to push my daughters’ wheelchair for years. It finally occurred to me that there may be an extension available. As soon as I found it online I placed the order. It arrived promptly and works perfect.

G. Piazzesi – Englewood, NJ

My parents had a small wheelchair and my father is tall enough that he had to hunch over to push. We thought someone must have thought of extensions for the handles on older wheelchairs and this company came up first on our Google search. What luck! They had the perfect product we were looking for and we couldn’t find anything else like it. My dad has been so happy with the handle extensions, and we are glad this company stocks a product that is so useful!

Andrea L. – British Columbia, Canada

Pushing my wife’s wheelchair used to be a pain in the neck, literally! Thank god I found your product (Wheelchair Push Handle Extender). It works perfect. My only regret is that I didn’t buy one earlier.

Frank F. – Rochester, NY

I received theWheelchair Push Handle Extenders. They are absolutely wonderful! I used them to raise the height of my walker. Thank you so much.

G.M. Monroe-  Township, NJ

Thank you Troy Technologies for creating a much needed product for us taller folks. I’m 6’ 3” and have had to wheel my wife in a chair for a decade. With a 36” handle height I found myself with a sore back after more than 10 minutes of pushing, I was simply unable to stand up erect enough. Usually I’d end up holding the grips with the tips of my fingers so I could stand straight, this led to calloused fingers and an unsafe grip. Using every guy’s friend, duct tape, I came up with a solution of sorts. It was okay for pushing but not reliable for stopping. All the while I hoped that someone would come up with a real solution. I was so excited when I found your product online. I’ve had your handle extenders for a couple of weeks now and am more than pleased. I have never before been able to push walking my natural gait and have complete confidence that my wife is safe and secure. This is a great product.

Bill Clausmeyer – WA




TheWheelchair Push Handle Extender is a wonderful invention. It makes pushing the wheelchair much easier, and saves my back and wrist. It is very simple to install. I’m being asked where can one find this item. Thanks to Troy for this great item!

J.G – Berkeley CA

I was able to attach it to my husband’s wheelchair without any assistance and right away I noticed how well it works. It is good for my back and my peace of mind. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

P.P. – Canton, OH

My mother just became wheelchair-bound and I am her primary caregiver. I am tall and I was having a little discomfort pushing her around but I never imagined a product like this was available. My stepson came to the rescue with these handle extenders. He had them out of the box and on the wheelchair in about one minute.

Pushing my mother’s wheelchair is now easier than I ever thought possible.

Thanks Troy!

J. Bailey – Ottawa, Canada

You guys are awesome!! TheWheelchair Push Handle Extender got here so quickly and I just opened the box, they are going to work perfectly! Our equipment company we have to go through in order for Medi Cal to pay for anything takes FOREVER!!! Now I know who to go to for incidentals that we can just pay for ourselves…!

Thank you so very much!

Connie C. – Ventura, CA

Your wheelchair handle extenders are wonderful! I am short and my husband is tall. It was hurting his back to lean over to push my wheelchair. But now the handle extenders allow him to push in comfort. They were easy to attach and stay put. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

Maxine L., British Columbia

The Random Tandem Connection

I use it to connect my daughter’s Graco Stroller to my Invacare Nutron R51. Next month I will be traveling to Tucson and I can’t wait to use it there too. It is an excellent product!

S. Jackson – Saint Louis, MO

I take care of my mother who is confined to a wheelchair and my baby boy who is getting too big to carry. I tried pushing a stroller and wheelchair at the same time but I quickly learned how difficult/dangerous that can be. I was so happy to learn that there is a product for my exact predicament.

The Random Tandem arrived yesterday and I used it for the first time today. I am so happy to have found such a simple and perfect solution. Love it!

L. DePlachett – Santa Monica, CA

I have two special needs children. My teenager is in a Quickie and my 7 yr old is in a Convaid Cruiser. Taking them places without assistance was impossible until I found the Random Tandem Connection by Troy. Now we are free to go anywhere thanks to this great product.

P.J. Ferris – Texas

Going on evening “walks” with my infirmed father have become a big part of our relationship. It is our bonding time and we both cherish it. When my baby became too big to carry, I tried pushing his pram along side my fathers’ wheelchair but that is not as easy as I thought. I tried tying the two together with bungee but it was a disaster. Finally, I found the Random Tandem. It works great! It is a safe and secure connection. I highly recommend this product!

Cathy T – Brisbane, Queensland

I am happy to endorse the Random Tandem Connection by Troy Technologies! I am the mother of two special needs children and I simply could not go anywhere without it. It works great on shopping trips, doctor visits, and the parks. Strangers often ask me about it and I enthusiastically give them your information. Thank you for offering this innovative solution!

Pamela K. – Knoxville, TN


I purchased the Random Tandem Connection awhile ago and have loved using it to go on walks with my son who uses and wheelchair and my daughter who is in a stroller.

I wrote about using it on my blog and wanted to share it with the company.
Here is the link:

And also here:


Thanks for such a great and helpful product!

The Reducer Seat Insert

My 9 year old son’s wheelchair is 16” wide. He is only 70 pounds but he is growing fast. I am sure he will grow into his wheelchair soon, but until then the Seat Reducer Insert is the perfect solution!

A. Thompson – San Antonio, TX

After a few weeks in my new wheelchair I developed a sore spot on my left side. It became quite painful and I considered abandoning the wheelchair altogether. The Reducer Seat Insert fixed the problem! It provides me with the cushioning and pressure relief I need. Thanks for the great product!

J. S. – San Diego, CA

My daughter’s wheelchair was way too big. It was donated by our church but it was so big that it could not support her. I use a small insert on top of a medium size one. Now my daughter sits up straight and is comfortable. With two inserts, we have years of growth potential ahead. This would have been a bad situation but the Seat Reducer solved everything! Thanks.

Hannah L. – Fort Lee, NJ
The Executive Deluxe Travel Wheelchair

From the moment I took it out of the box I knew I had made the right decision. The smell of the leather upholstery is so inviting and the quality of the frame is immediately apparent. I purchased the Executive Wheelchair for a business trip but I plan on using it as my primary wheelchair. I love it!

Laura F. – Newport Beach, CA

My last wheelchair was so uncomfortable that I need a $350.00 cushion to prevent pressure sores. I am so happy that I upgraded to the Executive Deluxe! The built in seat cushion is perfect for me and it looks great too. Worth every penny!

Aaron B. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I just returned from a trip to California. The Executive Deluxe was such a pleasure to use. It was so comfortable for me and easy for my daughter to open for use and fold for storage. I highly recommend this wheelchair for travel.

H. Joyce Spinelli

I am happy to endorse the Executive Travel Wheelchair and everyone at Troy Technologies. Their customer service staff was very patient with me and answered all of my questions in detail. They went above and beyond to educate me about the product. The wheelchair is great and the entire experience was wonderful. Thank you!

Darren H. – Fullerton, CA

This is my third wheelchair and I couldn’t be happier. My first two wheelchairs were cheap and didn’t last very long. This time I wanted something good. I decided to buy the Executive Deluxe Travel Wheelchair because of its good durability rating and I was so surprised and happy to discover how comfortable it is! I use it every day and I often get complements from passers-by. I really feel like I made the right choice! Thanks Troy!

T. Martin – Virginia Beach, Virginia

I have Neuropathy and walking long distances is difficult for me. We travel extensively and I needed a wheelchair that is lightweight, compact, and comfortable. I found exactly what I was looking for in the Executive Deluxe Wheelchair! It’s lightweight and very easy to push. It folds up in a snap and takes up very little room. I am glad I did the research and found this wonderful wheelchair.

Cheri D. – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I purchased the Executive Deluxe Wheelchair for my wife who can walk short distances without assistance, but relies on a wheelchair for most outings. We find it to be a very robust and stable design. Best of all, it folds small enough to fit in the trunk of my Ford Taurus with room to spare for my golf clubs. We strongly endorse this product.

Paul & Kathy F. – Palm Dessert, CA
Travel Bag for Racer

Prior to receiving my racing wheelchair travel bag from Troy Technologies, I did not have a safe, secure way to transport my racing wheelchair during airplane travel. It had been damaged several times by the airlines. The travel bag is very lightweight and easy to maneuver (using the handle and wheels on the bottom of the bag). My racechair fits perfect in the bag. I cannot wait to use the bag during my next trip.

K.M. – St. Louis, MO

We tested it and it is perfect! Thank you to have built and sent it so quickly.

J.M Martin – Yutz France
Economy Plus Travel Wheelchair

No one wants to go out shopping for wheelchairs, but then a life change happens to you as it did for my wife. What do I do now and where do you go? Found an ad in our MDA /ALS News Magazine about Troy Technologies “The Travel Wheelchair Experts”. Dropped them an e-mail and within an hour or so (no kidding that fast) I receive a call from a Nathan. I told him our needs what I could afford and we agreed on a unit. Then I saw that you could have a custom upholstery job, well let’s see if they can provide the University of Utah. We ordered a unit and asked for a delivery date. Received a call from Nathan good news and bad the good the Utes upholstery is in but the chair we ordered is back order with no eta. I was upgraded to an even better unit at no cost to us, now that’s customer service. I understand that our chair was worked on by Freddy this man is a true craftsman (Freddy I owe you one). I could go on and on about Troy they were there for me in our time of need. Thanks to each of you.

Paul Hight


Now looking forward to many outdoor events!

I have tried out my Luggie at the Local Garden centre and was pleased to say I was able to manage easily with the help of my hoist to lift in and out of the car. The run about trial was very successful and I look forward to many outdoor events with my husband in the future. Thank you for all your help.


Anne Race
The Luggie Scooter

I thought I’d just report back about travels with my Luggie. I’d bought it to take on my visits to family in Oslo and I have to say its performance exceeded my expectations.

At Manchester airport on the way out the young lady at the baggage check-in was reluctant to accept my scooter because of its weight. However I pointed out I’d travelled with SAS before with a much heavier electric wheelchair. Eventually I was directed to a hidden away special baggage area where they accepted it without question.

I met a man with the identical scooter and case who was also flying with SAS albeit on a different flight and we compared notes. We’d both had the same experience. Thereafter everything went absolutely smoothly. As I travel alone I have to have help in the airport terminals and no one refused to ‘dolly’ the case. Likewise taxi drivers were most obliging – I always asked for estate cars. For the return flight I did put the battery in my hand luggage in order to reduce the weight of the scooter case but I don’t think I need have bothered.

In the Oslo suburbs the Luggie coped perfectly with the steeper paths and pavements and it went with me on the T-bane (underground) into the city centre. I didn’t go on buses but they are mostly wheelchair accessible. I am now planning my next trip!

Susan Pryce

The Luggie (and its owner) performed beautifully onboard Azura. We were constantly being stopped by other passengers asking what it was and where did we get it. It was transported on and off board with all our other luggage and was waiting for us when we reached our cabin. It was certainly an excellent buy.

Elaine Parmenter

I just wanted to share this photo with you. I took my Luggie on a flight from Taiwan to LA. I was able to drive from the terminal all the way to my seat. The ground staff can handle the Luggie very easily as it is very light and took it down to the storage area in the plane.

Ju Yu

As I am unable to walk very far, I regularly use mobility scooters to get around. I have a large one to travel longer distances and up and down the steep hills around our home, and a smaller one that breaks down into three parts to fit into a car. This is the one we have relied on for travelling, taking it by road and air, but for a recent trip we planned to travel through Europe by rail, all the way from St. Pancras to Switzerland, returning through Germany and Brussels. How would we manage on the trains, especially the small mountain trains?

Fortunately, we saw an advert for The Luggie and decided to give it a try. It proved invaluable, so easy to fold and fit into the luggage spaces on every kind of train, as well as for getting around hotels, tourist attractions, in and out of taxis. It is also much lighter than my other scooters for lifting, which means less strain for my wife when helping me when helping me.

The Luggie mobility scooter is robust, able to withstand all the folding and unfolding, and rough handling by porters and other helpers! As the batteries are light, I was always able to carry a spare, in a small rucksack on the back of the seat. I have been amazed at the way my Luggie scooter performs on all kinds of terrain, up and down hills, around tight corners and in public places. Several times whilst traveling in Switzerland we were approached by others who wanted to buy it, or get one like it! I highly recommend the Luggie to anyone, particularly for traveling on any form of transport. My wife and I are now planning another trip to Germany.

Digby Bradley

Just to say that I’ve just returned after three and a half weeks in Crete with the Luggie. Fantastic! It allowed me to get about town and country and get to places I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to.

It was so easy to get in and out of the hire car and meant that we could park anywhere because I had my own transport.

The off board charger was particularly useful and enabled me to eave the Luggie in the car at the end of the day and just take the battery into the house to recharge.




I have a disability that makes it impossible to walk without assistance. Therefore, for a recent holiday in SE Asia I purchased a Luggie scooter. It was a lifesaver and I wouldn’t travel again without it. It’s lightweight and folds to a size that fits in the trunk of a taxi or backseat of a car. It made it possible for me to go places and do things, not possible otherwise. People who saw me on the Luggie during my holiday were very impressed by it. If you buy one, I recommend also purchasing the hardshell carrying-case to protect it from airline baggage handlers. In addition, the user manual needs improvement as it contains several inaccuracies. However, videos on the Luggie website illustrate how to set it up & use it: […]. Overall, I recommend the Luggie for travel.


The Luggie was a new sort of mobility scooter which I first saw whilst I was on holiday in New Zealand. An English lady was riding the Luggie in Napier and she gave me all the details about this amazing scooter. On return home I scanned the internet and after many days spotted the Luggie at the best price on the Amazon website. Delivery was swift and since then I have been getting used to the system of opening and closing the scooter. To be honest, even though it is half the weight of my other scooter, when lifted in and out of the boot of my car, it does need 2 people (we are pensioners) to lift it. By the way my other scooter breaks up into 4 pieces, to make lifting easier, whereas the Luggie is all in one piece. The ride is good, very quiet and smooth. The seat is a touch hard, but a small cushion alleviates any problems in that area. Overall it is a boon for me and my carer, and I am so pleased I bought it.

Frank Brigden Boon
Wheelchair Travel Bag/Wheelchair Caddy

The last time I flew, the airline damaged my wheelchair so badly that it was unusable. Getting it repaired was an expensive hassle that took two days off my trip. I never want that aggravation again so I purchased a Wheelchair Travel Bag from Troy Technologies. They delivered it directly to my hotel and I used it to bring my wheelchair home. It worked perfectly! I will never take another trip without it.

R. Owens – Marietta, GA

I travel several times a year from my home in Hawaii to visit friends and family on the main land. The Wheelchair Travel Bag is just perfect for getting my wheelchair back and forth without damage. I highly recommend it to any wheelchair bound travelers.

R. Yamanashi, Honolulu, Hawaii

I worked in the airline industry for many years and I have first-hand knowledge of how brutal the baggage conveyance system can be. Knowing this, I have always been reluctant to entrust my $800 wheelchair to any ramp agent. But now I have the Troy Travel Bag that protects my wheelchair. I just completed my first round trip from LA to London and the Travel Bag delivered my wheelchair without a scratch.
Many thanks to Troy Technologies!

M.J. Cardiff – Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for your great service. The travel case arrived as promised on time and the wheelchair fits perfectly. I am thankful I found you guys. You are the best!

D.H.- Hurdle Mills, NC



I think that you should see how nicely my wife’s new foldable lightweight electric wheelchair fits into your travel case – it’s the perfect solution!

J.A. Sorensen – Denmark

I bought a Troy wheelchair travel case through Amazon but later realized that the Troy wheelchair caddy would be more appropriate. The people at Troy worked with me to provide a return authorization to Amazon, tracked my return shipping cost and subsequent caddy order (direct from Troy), and credited my Amazon account for the returned case and shipping. This was a nontrivial sequence of events, and they handled it seamlessly. I and my son are very happy with the caddy and the honored arrangements made with us. Thank you!

Joe Meyers

I recently bought the wheelchair travel case for my husband’s KD Smart Chair. We had been unable to purchase the matching case for the Smart Chair as they were awaiting new stocks. This was a problem because we are due to go on a cruise at the end of April. I came across this wheelchair case on the Internet (#90127) and ordered it in the hope that it would fit. It not only fits, but fits beautifully. We are so happy with the product. It is a quality case and is ideal for our travels. Thank you Troy Technologies for your great customer service.

Hazel Bacigalupo
The Pioneering Spirit Travel Wheelchair

“Well we’ve had the chair over 2 months now and we are very pleased. We traveled to Mexico and found it to be very user friendly. I can’t believe I wrestled with the old cumbersome chair for as long as I did. Even Don’s Rehab Dr. noticed and made a remark. Thanks for helping me make the decision to purchase”.

Stephanie & Don M., Frankfort, IL

My two sisters and I just returned from a two-week trip to Eastern Europe with my 89 year-old mother. The itinerary included Old Towns of Regensburg, Germany and Prague; and a river cruise that included stops in Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. This trip would not have been possible without “Troy” – our affectionate nickname for the Pioneering Spirit Travel Wheelchair we purchased. The all-terrain wheels proved to be real troopers on various hard surfaces, including gravel (if not thick) and cobblestones, and the chair was highly maneuverable. The only challenge was getting up a higher curb, in which case there were always a couple of eager beavers willing to help lift the front wheels. A couple of times with steps, the guys just carried the chair with Mom in it. Backing down a curb was easy if we tipped the chair back a bit to balance it while turning the chair back around – although Mom yelped a bit from surprise. Another reviewer had mentioned using the chair as a walker, which also worked very well for Mom when she wanted to walk (on a flat, smooth surface, of course). The chair was easy to fold and stow (much to the relief of taxi drivers). When on the cruise, our tour guide would often warn us about rough surfaces or hills – that we might want to hang back and wait for them – we finally had to pull her aside and say, “Viki. Viki. Viki!! It’s a piece of cake!” The disclaimer here is that my mother was only 120 pounds, and I had trained by pushing my 185-pound husband around our hilly neighborhood several times before the trip. Also, with large cobblestone surfaces, the rides for Mom were a bit rough, so the seat belt was a must. But without hesitation, we highly recommend the Troy – and while it wasn’t cheap, it was well worth it in terms of being able to cover much more territory without wearing her out, thus adding exponentially to her (and everyone else’s) enjoyment of the trip. Our only regret after the trip was that we had not collected stamps from the various places to stick on Troy.

Cynthia Shaw

Just dropping you a quick report on our first two weeks with our new Troy Technology Pioneering Spirit stroller. In short, it has been excellent!

As you remember, you delivered it to us at LAX. It immediately proved its worth when United Airlines moved our flight to another gate half a mile away in a different terminal. We made it there comfortably with time to spare. (Their flight delays are another story…)

First stop New Orleans and we spent two days prowling all over the French Quarter. We quickly developed tactics for the cobbled and rougher paths that allowed us to travel a couple of miles per day and really get to know and enjoy the place.

In Washington DC we used the Metro a lot, and did much walking around the capitol area including three Smithsonian museums. We even walked suburban paths and streets from Van Ness Metro to Hillwood Museum in the northwest.

In New York we rode the subways and walked midtown streets from 34th to 64th streets, shopped and went through the Neuer, Metropolitan and 9-11 Museums. We covered even more miles on the Big Apple sidewalks.

All this touring was essentially stress-free for us both, and would not have been possible or even contemplated prior to obtaining the Pioneering Spirit. So it has been a wonderful investment for us.

We are just about to fly from LAX to Australia. After we get home “the chariot” will be used all the time.

Once again, many thanks, and we will be recommending Troy Technologies to others.

Dave & Rose Hawley., Katoomba, Australia

We have used the chair for my son no less than 20 years (as a matter of fact presently we are using the second one). My son, now 37, uses the chair for most of his activities and has travel with us all over the world (we have been in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and America from Canada to Tierra del Fuego). The Pioneering Spirit made possible for him to travel but also made possible for us to do it. We would never have travelled without him. Great companion

Fernando Notti -Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I LOVE my mother’s new Pioneer Spirit Travel Wheelchair. I have been lugging cheap and heavy “travel chairs” for years. They where always a pain. They could NOT go over bumps in the sidewalks, barely lifting the heavy thing in and out of the car plus they are not even comfortable for my mother. Honestly, this Pioneering Spirit chair has made our lives much easier. I can get it in the car truck with out pulling my own back out. Its so light and comfortable. With the 11″ wheels, nothing on the road or sidewalks gets in our way anymore!!! I wish we had bought this years ago!!!”

Thanks soo much

Katie L. – Eden Prairie, MN

Just to let you know that the Travel Wheelchair (Pioneering Spirit) was fantastic for our trip and we could not have done without it. We were able to take it into the cabin on all our flights, and the cabin crew was amazed at how small it folds up.
Thank you for your help in getting it so quickly.

Eugene C. – South Africa

I live in Switzerland and I ordered a Pioneering Spirit Wheel Chair directly from Troy Technologies in the USA (because in Switzerland this product is much more expensive). I got an outstanding customer care by e-mail and the processing of my order was very speedy and customer-focused. I can warmest recommend Troy Technologies! Now I am looking forward using my new Pioneering Spirit. I am sure that it will be a great help for me and my partner on our leisure activities like traveling etc.

D.H. – Bottmingen – Switzerland

The Pioneering Spirit is EXACTLY what we needed. Light enough for my wife to load into the car for travelling or quick trips to the mall. The self-propelling wheels are perfect for when I want to move around on my own. The chair is comfortable and easy to fold–everything I was looking for. Best of all though, is the service we received. I wanted to make a couple of small changes and Nate helped me get those changes made quickly and easily! Their service is “above and beyond.”

Jeanne & Gare

The chair is great to take on a journey but even better was the incredible, friendly super-service. Everything has been done to get my wheelchair on time to where I live in Belgium. I call my wheelchair “the joy of troy”.

Joost De Smet – Belgium

I sincerely want to thank you for taking the time to respond to my email…I have referred so many potential clients to you that stop me in airports and other venues to ask where we got it [Pioneering Spirit]. It’s a good thing the tag is sewn on the back. From now on, I’ll give people your web site info. Thanks again.”

S.R. – Sacramento, CA

“I would like to inform you of the great joy we have had in using the Pioneering Spirit. It has accompanied my wife and I on trips throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia during the past two years and has enabled us to do things that we would otherwise not have been able to do. It has been a dream.”

L.E.D. – Elkhart, IN

“Since the last time we corresponded, my chair and I have been to England, Scotland, France & Belgium as well as numerous destinations throughout the “good ol’ USA”. I don’t think there has been a single trip where someone hasn’t asked about the chair. I have been stopped in the Colonial Theater in Boston, Queen Mary’s Gardens in London, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., at airports, on cruise ships, shopping malls and Disney World. Hopefully, some of these inquiries have resulted in more freedom for some physically challenged people.”

P.V. – Veazle, ME

“We have had it (Pioneering Spirit) for about 4 years – it has been phenomenal. We bought it so we could travel to Europe with my mom, for whom walking is a challenge. She has now been to Rome, Venice and Paris in the wheelchair. The wonderful memories we now have would have never been possible without it.”

L.O.N. – Jefferson City, MO

“We just returned from Copenhagen and a cruise on the Black Sea. The traveling that we are doing now is only possible because of your chair. The chair is lightweight and we are able to take it wherever we go. Sometimes we even use it as a walker.”

T.Z. – Bethpage, New York

My 70 year old wife loves the Pioneering Spirit! We travel the world with it.

Paul L. – Miami Beach

REVO 360 Daily Living Wheelchair

It is used as an office chair in my former residence and my new apartment. It is excellent for my office, allowing me to scoot from computer to printer to desk in any sequence.  The chair is very comfortable, so I don’t need to recline it.  The chair is a work of art!  I now live in a retirement community, and it gets lots of attention from visitors

Richard S. – Northbrook IL