Random Tandem
Random Tandem Connection Front-to-Back
Random Tandem Connection Front-to-Back

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The Random Tandem Connection Front-to-Back can attach just about any wheelchair and stroller front-to-back so you can propel them together. Anyone who has ever been faced with the difficult task of pushing two wheelchairs, two strollers or a wheelchair and a stroller at the same time will appreciate this clever device.

Just line the two wheelchairs up, connect with the Random Tandem, and two become one. A quick release joint makes for easy removal. No matter the combination: two strollers, two wheelchairs, one stroller and one wheelchair. 

"I use it to connect my daughter’s Graco Stroller to my Invacare Nutron R51. Next month I will be traveling to Tucson and I can’t wait to use it there too. It is an excellent product!”
S. Jackson – Saint Louis, MO

”I take care of my mother who is confined to a wheelchair and my baby boy who is getting too big to carry. I tried pushing a stroller and wheelchair at the same time, but I quickly learned how difficult/dangerous that can be. I was so happy to learn that there is a product for my exact predicament. The Random Tandem arrived yesterday, and I used it for the first time today. I am so happy to have found such a simple and perfect solution. Love it!”
L. DePlachett – Santa Monica, CA

”I have two special needs children. My teenager is in a Quickie and my 7 yr old is in a Convaid Cruiser. Taking them places without assistance was impossible until I found the Random Tandem Connection by Troy. Now we are free to go anywhere thanks to this great product.”
P.J. Ferris – Texas

”Going on evening “walks” with my infirmed father have become a big part of our relationship. It is our bonding time and we both cherish it. When my baby became too big to carry, I tried pushing his pram along side my fathers’ wheelchair but that is not as easy as I thought. I tried tying the two together with bungee but it was a disaster. Finally, I found the Random Tandem. It works great! It is a safe and secure connection. I highly recommend this product!”
Cathy T – Brisbane, Queensland

”I am happy to endorse the Random Tandem Connection by Troy Technologies! I am the mother of two special needs children and I simply could not go anywhere without it. It works great on shopping trips, doctor visits, and the parks. Strangers often ask me about it and I enthusiastically give them your information. Thank you for offering this innovative solution!”
Pamela K. – Knoxville, TN

”Hello, I purchased the Random Tandem Connection awhile ago and have loved using it to go on walks with my son who uses and wheelchair and my daughter who is in a stroller.I wrote about using it on my blog and wanted to share it with the company. Here is the link: http://www.thesweetandthesalty.com/2016/02/01/getting-one-child-uses-wheelchair-stroller/ And also here: http://www.thesweetandthesalty.com/2016/02/15/getting-out-and-about-when-one-child-uses-a-wheelchair-and-the-other-a-stroller-the-inside-edition/ Thanks for such a great and helpful product!”

How can I be sure the Random Tandem Connection Front-to-Back will fit my wheelchair or stroller?
Our universal clamping mechanism has accommodated every chair we've encountered so far. If you're still unsure, contact us with your specific concerns and we will verify the usability of the Random Tandem with your specific wheelchair or stroller model.

How long will it take to get my Random Tandem Connection Front-to-Back?
All orders ship within 48 hours via UPS Ground service. The time it will take in transit will vary according to where it is shipped. Overnight shipments are available upon request. International shipments vary depending on the distribution arrangements within each country.